A temporary dental crown or bridge is placed to protect your teeth and gum tissues while a custom restoration is being created for you in a dental laboratory. In addition, this temporary crown or bridge will help prevent the adjacent teeth from shifting, ensuring that your final custom-crafted crown or bridge will fit. Temporary cement will be used to hold the restoration in place.

Although the temporary dental crown or bridge should be very comfortable, you may need to alter your eating and oral hygiene habits slightly to ensure the temporary stays in place between appointments.

If local anaesthetic is used the effects of local anaesthetic normally last 3-4 hours. To avoid damage to your tongue, cheeks and lips, you should avoid chewing until the numbness has completely worn off. Also avoid hot drinks or food if you are very numb.

Avoid chewing gum and eating sticky or hard foods. This may loosen the temporary crown or bridge. If possible, chew on the opposite side of your mouth.

Brush and floss carefully each day, pulling the floss out from the side as you floss next to the temporary. Pulling out from the top can cause the temporary crown to come loose. On certain instances, you will be asked not to floss. It’s vital to the proper fit of your final restoration that your temporary crown or bridge stays in place.

If your temporary does come off, do not try to replace it yourself. Call us immediately so we can arrange to cement it back into place.

You should also call us right away if:

  • Your bite feels uneven
  • You have persistent pain

(Note: You may experience some sensitivity to hot and cold – this is normal).